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Offering education, guidance, and clergy services to families, who wish
to care for their own at death and hold a personalized Wake and/or
Family-Directed Funeral for their loved one in the intimate setting of home.

Assistance and officiating is also offered for Celebrations of Life and Memorials.

    Why a Home Wake or Family-Directed Funeral?

    A home wake and/or family-directed funeral offers the opportunity to mourn and honor one's beloved in a private, more intimate setting. It empowers family and friends by allowing them to take charge and care for their own after death. Giving them time and ways that reflect the faith, cultural beliefs, and wishes of the deceased, and with the respect, love, and tenderness only relatives and loved ones can give. Ceremonies can be designed and held which truly express the personality and life of the deceased. In the familiar, loving, and safe space of home one also can discuss life and death, and express emotions of grief and loss with more ease and comfort.

    A family-directed home funerals is also a natural extension to in-home Hospice care, since family members are already familiar with what is necessary in caring for a body.

    Green Burials

    Those who wish to be buried, but like to make a much smaller impact on the environment than traditional casket burial, find an alternative in green burial. Here the body is prepared without embalming fluid or other ecologically harmful chemicals, laid in a biodegradable casket or just wrapped in a burial shroud, and then buried in a green cemetery or land preservation site without the use of a casket vault or grave liner. Instead of traditional tombstones to mark the graveside, here one might find a flat natural stone or just a plaque on a nearby tree, and will find the grave with the help of a GPS. The land is kept as natural as possible, with wildlife as an integral part of it.

    Though green burial was common among U.S. pioneers, who were frequently buried directly into the ground, it became uncommon in the U.S. until recently. Ramsey Creek preserve in South Carolina opened in 1996 as the first "green cemetery" in the United States. At the present, Green Burial and Conservation Cemeteries exist in California, Florida, New York State, South Carolina, Texas, and Washington State. There is also interest and talks about creating a Conservation Cemetery here in Oregon. Currently there are four cemeteries, I am aware of, which either have set aside a separate area for or offer natural/green burial within their active sections. They are: George Cemetery in Estacada, Oak Hill Cemetery and Sunset Hills Cemetery in Eugene, and Valley Memorial Park in Hillsboro.

"Take me back oh hills I love,
Lift me from this lonely bed,
Light my way with stars above,
Curl soft winds about my head,
Wash my feet in crystal streams,
Cradle my arms in boughs of oak,
Breathe the scent of pine for dreams,
Wrap me tight in earthen cloak."

~ Appalachian Round

I am availabe to give presentations and workshops
to private groups, churches, retirement & nursing homes,
and other interested parties or organizations.

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